Study in DENMARK

Denmark is well-known for its high living standards and has been announced as the happiest country in the world several times.Besides the good social, economic and political situation in Denmark, Danish education system has gotten a remarkably good attention for the past years as well. Each year, Denmark is welcoming hundreds of international students to their universities, which are known for their practical study approach. Studying in Denmark gives graduates a competitive advantage over graduates of local educational institutions and guarantees great first steps of their future career. Denmark is also a safe place to live due to very low crime rate and welfare systems.


Costs directly related to the study such as books are around 200€ to 300€ per semester, however materials can be bought cheaper from students from higher classes, or borrowed or scanned from the library.


Estimated cost of living depends on the city, and of course on the individual person. Accommodation, transportation, food and leisure activities costs are about 450-550 Euros per month. The average student wage is around 12-14 Euros per hour.


Most of the universities offer accommodation for international students at their dormitories (single or shared room), however the interest is high and we strongly recommend you to start looking for another option of accommodation.


Every citizen has the right to come to Scandinavia. No later than three months after entering into the country, the citizen must apply for a residence permit, in most universities the application is made in collaboration with the university.


The residence permit allows finding a job and working during the week and weekends and summer holidays. It is a great idea to start learning Danish before coming to Denmark in order to get a better job, but you also have a chance to find a job without Danish.